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Sirico Videos is a short-form, creative, video production company

serving the Bay Area, CA.


Founded in 2008, we specialize in social media content, video editing, 4k media, weddings, documentaries, promos and all other types of videography/filmmaking.


We are a small group who love working with our clients to bring their visual ideas to life.

Side note: we'll travel anywhere.

Let us bring yours to life!

Our main focus at Sirico Videos is weddings.

They're fun, unique and full of nothing but love.

We pride ourselves in being affordable

but not cheap, fun but professional

& super easy to work with.

Everyone has a camera now a days, whether it's a DSLR, GoPro or great footage from your phone, but not everyone can edit.

Send us your footage and we'll put together the perfect, polished video.

Documentaries are similar to weddings and really fun to shoot and edit. You're telling a real life story to share with the world.

We'll travel with you along the way to capture and share your real life story.

Everyone needs promos: businesses, entrepreneurs, influencers, musicians,

you name it.

We'll take whatever idea you have, whether it's something crazy or something cute and simple, and run with it!

Sometimes you don't need a finished, edited video, and that works for us.

We can easily shoot raw footage at an event and hand it over the same night.

We love music, so it's only natural that we love producing music videos.

From jazz to heavy metal, we're down for it all. Let's sit down, story board and bring the music to life!

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